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I go by Taina (Tah-ee-nah) Longin. I was born in the capital of the first black republic. After arriving in the States with my family, I saw life completely anew. The move transformed everything about me. As a first generation immigrant, I always claim Haiti first.

I now live in the City of Angels. My life is lead by curiosity, passion, and progress. I seek to find truth in my ancestors, in my lineage, in my history and everyone around me. When not writing and reading countless articles and non-fiction books, I enjoy the visiting Zuma beach in Malibu, hiking trails with waterfalls, and watching psychological thrillers in LA's many theaters. To the Diaspora is the title of one of my favorite poems by Gwendolyn Brooks. To the Diaspora is an avenue to create projects and pieces that move you and create value.